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Not only humans but animals too, since their origin, have been indulged in search of beauty. This question which appeared with the origin of world - “what is beauty” is still unanswered and will remain so forever. A common saying “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” is very correct. There is neither any definition of “normal” nor “beauty” & Its Individual perception. Similar is cosmetic & plastic surgery. Same surgery which can make one more beautiful and presentable can also make some other worse than before. We all have unique face, features and personality, so our surgery should also be individual. A good plastic and cosmetic surgeon should be able to tailor a surgery for your best.

Its a common misconception that cosmetic surgery always involves use of artificial material, its a big confusion, cosmetic surgery is surgery which is intended to improve your look when functional problem is not there, in fact almost every cosmetic surgery involves improvement of both look and function & every effort is made to achieve it by remodeling your own body tissue, rather than using allo-plastic ( Artificial ) material (unless essential), best example you may see in Rhinoplasty.

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